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    Rules To Be Followed By One And All


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    Rules To Be Followed By One And All Empty Rules To Be Followed By One And All

    Post  Admin on Sun Jun 28, 2009 11:59 am

    ~*~ Player Rules ~*~

    1. No botting.

    2. No scamming.

    3. No kill stealing.

    4. No griefing, ie luring mob into players, healing monsters when a player is attacking it, etc.

    5. No spamming in town.

    6. No advertisements of other servers.

    7. Do not block NPCs.

    8. If you find a bug, you shall report to a Game Master immediately. If we found out you have been abusing the bug, all your accounts will probably be banned.

    9. Be respectful of other people.

    10. Do not impersonate Game Masters.

    11. Do not ask any Game Master for zeny or items.

    12. Do not complain for randomly getting killed in PvP rooms. PvP room is for PvP, not a place to hang out. If you go into a PvP room, be ready to get killed.

    13. Respect and be aware of the PvP faction rules.

    14. Do not use AoE (area of effect) skills in the main (non PvP) towns. It makes people lag. It's useless. These are the big fighting skills with alot of effects. If you have a clone and it's spamming skills in town, move to a new area or put it away. Vending and buffs when necesary are fine.

    15. Don't drop items in town. It clutters things up and angers GMs greatly. Just sell the items. It's easy/safe and you can make some zeny!

    16. Players are completely responsible for their own item trades. If you lend someone something and run into problems getting it back you will not be provided with assistance without a screenshot documenting the trade and intended return of the item or items.

    17. Please only use Dead Branches and Bloody Branches in the summoning rooms or your own houses. Absolutely no summoning in any map where people regularly train or hunt. If a GM tells that there is to be no BBing or DBing in a map you must accept it.

    18. Double clienting is permitted for level assistance and buffing yourself during non WoE hours only. You may never double client to gain PvP or Faction points.

    ~*~ War of Emperium Rules ~*~

    1. No icewalling the castle entrance.

    2. No trade, party invite, befriend opponents.

    3. No warp portal on spawn.

    4. You may not drop a castle during seige. You may drop it during non-seiging time.

    5. You may not double client at all during WoE except for vending purposes.

    ~*~ MVP Rules ~*~

    1. No mob luring.

    2. No healing or buffing a monster.

    3. No negatively buffing other players. (ie. Asperio for holy monsters, KE on someone with Assumptio)

    4. No griefing of any kind.

    ~*~Players who are attacking MVP~*~

    1. Kill-stealing MVP and MVP's mob are allowed.

    2. MVP and MVP's mob luring are allowed.

    3. Non-MVP's mob luring are not allowed as it will interfere with other players' leveling.

    4. No healing or buffing any MVP or MVP's mobs.

    5. No negatively buffing other MVPing players. (ie. Asperio for holy monsters, KE on someone with Assumptio)

    6. Any skill or spell that gives protection from MVP or MVP's mob are allowed IF used on yourself or your party. If griefing resulted from usage of such skills and spells, would be deemed as unintentional.

    7. Any skill or spell that gives protection from MVP or MVP's mob are not allowed if it is not used on your party and used for griefing.

    8. Any skill or spell that do not give protection from MVP or MVP's mob is not allowed if it is used for griefing.

    Protection is defined as "protection from a normal attack, skill, spell, or mob trigger.

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