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    Ifrit MVP Guide


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    Ifrit MVP Guide Empty Ifrit MVP Guide

    Post  Admin on Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:01 pm

    Ifrit is the much anticipated MVP this Veins patch. He’s the strongest MVP known so far with a huge HP. MVP hunters are encouraged to give this MVP a shot because of its item drops. Two of its item drop, the Ring Of Resonance when combined with Ring Of Flame Lord allows a player to auto cast various skills with each physical attack.

    Ragnarok players might need to work with several parties just to defeat Ifrit. Ifrit has lot of skills that could kill you in one single skill attack. These party may mostly consists of champs with devotion, lots of priest for resurrection and Professors for Soul Change and Land Protector. Ifrit has low vit so Acid Bomb biochemist may have a low chance to MVP this monster. Biochemist could be a support with his potion pitching skill. Clowns and Dancers for Support Skills.

    The best weapon for champions would be +10 Double Beholder Double Liberation Mace because of its Formless property. While the best shield against this monster is Alice. However I saw a video of a Taekwon Master who have slain Ifrit for just 7 seconds. See the video below.

    Property: Fire 4 Race: Formless EXP: 3154321 JEXP: 3114520 DEF: 40 MDEF: 50 ATK: 17000 HP: 7700000 DEX: 199 INT: 190 AGI: 180 VIT: 25 LUK: 50 Location: thor_v03 (1/660)

    Skills: Berserk, Change to Ghost Property, Change to Poison Propery, Dragon Fear, Earthquake, Fire Pillar, Full Strip, Ganbantain, Grand Darkness, Heal, Meteor Assault, Meteor Storm, Scream, Soul Destroyer, Summon Slave, Two-Hand Quicken

    MVP Item

    * Old Blue Box (55%)
    * Old Card Album (20%)
    * Old Purple Box (25%)

    Card: ATK, CRIT, and HIT are all increased by your job level. When recieving physical damage there is a chance to autocast Earthquake LV2.

    Ifrit Item Drops:

    * Fireblend (20%)
    * Wizardry Staff (20%)
    * Hellfire (20%)
    * Flame Heart (100%)
    * Spiritual Ring (30%) - A beautiful ring imbued with strange spiritual powers that result in surprising effects when worn with the right items. INT +2 DEX +1. Increases damage of Magnus Exorcismus by 30% and damage of Heal skill against Undead monsters by 50%. Increases SP Recovery by 9%.

    * Lucius’s Fierce Armor of Volcano [1] (1%) - An armor that is enchanted with the Fire Property.
    * Ring Of Resonance (1%) - A ring that resonates with the Ring of Flame Lord, together, they form a matching set. AGI +2 VIT +1 DEF +2. Adds a chance of auto casting various skills with each physical attack.
    * Ring Of Flame Lord (1%) - A ring imbued with the power of the fire spirit king, which can be used to strengthen the wearer’s weapon. This ring forms a matching set with the Ring of Resonance. STR +2 VIT +1 ATK +15. Increases resistance to Fire property attacks by 10%. Adds a chance to auto cast various skills with each physical attack.

    Misc: Flee needed: 373 Hit needed: 299 Monster Level: 99 Monster Size: Large Aggressive: Yes Assist: No Cast Sensor: No Looter: No Change Target: Yes Immobile: No Status Effect Immnunity: Yes Resists Steal: Yes Slaves: Kasa, SalamanderIfrit MVP Guide Ifrit10

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