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    SHaMMyRO Donations!


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    SHaMMyRO Donations!

    Post  Admin on Fri Jul 31, 2009 11:57 pm

    This Is The Donation Thread For now.
    There Will Only Be Mailing Donations No Pay-pal At The Moment...
    If You Will Like To Donate Here's The Mailing Address For Your Donates..
    A List Of Items Will Be Updated On The Bottom Of This Intro.. The Prices Will Be Attached..
    If Your Gonna Donate Please Make Sure You Added The Requirements.

    -In A Paper Write The Amount You sent.
    -What Did You Donated For.
    -Your Real Name..Character Name..Or Account User-name.
    -Make Sure You Put The Exact Address For The Donations..
    -If You Will Like To Know If The Person In Charge Of Donates Receive your Payment Feel To Add You (Phone Number) If Your From The States.. Or Add Your Email Or Your Instant Messenger.


    The Items

    Fire Elemental Set

    Lightning Elemental Set

    Ice Elemental Set

    Frozen Dragon (Gives +30 To All Stats)

    Death Wish (Gives +25 To All Stats)

    Kakashi Mask (+35 To All Stats + Cloaking Lvl 3)

    Flee Helm
    (+100 Agi..)

    Blessing Condom Hat
    (Gives Bless.. Skill.. +10 To All Stats)

    Agi BaseBall Cap
    (Gives Agi Skill.. +10 To All Stats)

    Black Bunny Bash helm
    (Gives Bash.. Skill & +45 STR)

    Devil Set

    Butterfly Wings Come In All Colors
    +20 To All Stats

    Fairy Wings Come In All Colors
    +20 To All Stats!

    Animated Wings Come In All Colors
    +40 To All Stats


    Super Golden Fist Card
    +80 STR, +100 AGI, +100 VIT, +150 INT, +120 DEX, +100 LUK

    Golden Fist Card
    +50 STR, +100 AGI, +75 VIT, +50 INT, +100 DEX, +75 LUK

    Exile Card
    +35 DEX

    Greed Card
    +35 VIT

    Faith Card
    +35 INT

    Envy Card
    +35 AGI

    Viking Card

    +35 STR

    Lust Card
    +35 LUK


    This Will Be The Donation List For Now..
    More On Its Way..
    We Will Add Previews Of The Next Donation Items..

    -Elemental Sets $60
    -Frozen Dragon $20
    -Death Wish $15
    -Kakashi Helm $25
    -Flee Helm $30
    -Blessing $20
    -Agi $20
    -Black Bunny Bash helm $25
    -Devil Set $25 (special Price)
    -Butterfly Wings $10
    -Fairy Wings $10
    -Animated Wings $35
    -Super Golden Fist Card $50
    -Golden Fist Card $40
    -Exile Card $5
    -Greed Card $5
    -Faith Card $5
    -Envy Card $5
    -Viking Card $5
    -Lust Card $5


    Where To Be Received:

    angel, gil
    507 west 159st apt#4
    newyork, NY 10032
    United States

    ThankYou For Donating!!

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